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Most of the time it is difficult to decide in which country to study for a semester. We understand that feeling, so let’s chat and we’ll discover together what is the best option for your next destination. We will ask you a few questions and based on that information we will recommend the best options in South America for You. We are experts in the field and we are ready to work for you!
Customized Faculty-led programs
A great way to travel abroad is with a group of people with the same class plan. Live it study abroad organizes interesting programs abroad with distinguished Faculties from top universities in the world. Students from all over the world and the selected Teacher travel to one of our destinations to enjoy an awesome academic and community experience. It will be THE academic trip of your dreams. Credits will be issued by one of our local partner universities. Intrigued by this new way of study abroad? Let’s chat so we can explain all the details.

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Variety of tourist atractions

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Economic and political stability

Best quality of life in Latin America

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