If you have reached this point, it is because you are interested in creating your own customized faculty-led program in South America. We promise you that your group will enjoy a pleasant experience, in fact, you will remember it as one of the best academic experiences of your lives.


Contact Form

Complete the form with all the details you are thinking about your trip. In the comments section, we suggest you describe the field trips, types of companies or organizations to visit, special class topics with local teachers and other activities that you wish to do.


Preliminary proposal.

A representative of Live it Study Abroad will send you a preliminary description of the program based on the data we received. This proposal includes lodging, academic courses and credits, companies and organizations to visit, tourist and cultural activities, travel options within the country and abroad, volunteer opportunities, internship opportunities, food options, options for special class topics with local teachers and a preliminary description of other activities that you wish to do. The representative will also send you a couple of preliminary budgets, which can then be adjusted according to the specifications of the study abroad office of your university.



Schedule an interview to adjust the proposal by adding specific details. In the interview you will have the opportunity to meet part of the staff with whom you will share in the country of destination. It will be an opportunity to clarify general doubts about the trip, the country of destination, cultural and tourist activities options, academic courses, etc.


Formal Proposal.

We are now in a position to send you a formal and detailed proposal of what your program will be, including all the details that fit your needs. This proposal includes a preliminary calendar, tourist and cultural activities to be carried out, academic courses syllabus, details of lodging and meal plan, trips, special classes, itinerary and budget. We will also send a letter of commitment, which should be signed by the professor. After this, the recruitment phase begins and Live it Study Abroad will provide the necessary support to recruit as many students as possible for the program.


Final proposal.

You are one step away from embarking on the academic journey you always wanted. At this stage, you should carefully review all the details of the final proposal, which contains all the modifications you made along the way. By now you will have the list of students who will travel with you, the courses your students will take, the places they will visit and the cultural activities they will do. We will send you the final contract with our terms and conditions, for you to sign it and we will then indicate you the procedure to make the payment. We will be happy to assist you in the purchase of airline tickets and medical insurance for the group. See you at the destination of your choice, for an unforgettable trip!